Candice Olson’s Journey: A Look Inside Her Latest Wallpaper Collection


Candice Olson’s Journey wallpaper collection features signature color and design.  Read below to learn what inspires Candice and what her goal is as an interior designer.

York: Tell us about your wallcovering collections. 

Candice: I recently read in a trade magazine that wallpaper is having a moment right now. A moment?! My own wallpaper moment has lasted 10 years and counting while York Wallcovering’s moment has lasted over 120 years! From personal experience, I know the super-talented designers at York Wallcoverings develop innovative printing and fabrication techniques that make textures and patterns for our walls current and on-trend for every season.

This season, the driving force behind the TRANQUIL collection is our need for visual and tactile relief in our homes. I’m convinced that while we are spending more and more of our workday in digital environments, the demand is greater for our homes to offer soul-soothing relief from the day. I’ve found one way to battle my client’s digital fatigue is with serene colors, patterns, and textures. The TRANQUIL collection was designed for that purpose.

Newly launched collection JOURNEY is taking this new understanding of wellness-in-design back to the basic elements of great style and creating a fresh contemporary take on traditional. This collection’s beauty lies in its astute and careful balance of contrasts: classic paired with modern, minimal with adorned, matte set off by luster. I believe it’s the tension that’s created by these contrasts that will bring the depth, excitement and one-of-a-kind personality to your room. This is the journey; the evolution of style which creates timeless, livable luxury.

York: How do you like to use wallcoverings in your designs?

Candice: Walls are such a large element in a space so I’ll often look to wall coverings as the jumping off point or springboard that launches an entire design concept. Sometimes the room calls for a bold, high impact statement wall. That is where the use of light-reflecting inks and materials come into play. And don’t forget lighting! I teach that when you light everything, you light nothing. By installing adjustable recessed lighting, these statement walls can look like a million bucks!

York: What are some of your favorite color palettes? 

Candice: I always gravitate to misty, grayed, nature-inspired hues of sea, sand, and sky – they’re peaceful, quiet and calming. These colors pair beautifully with the warmth of wood and offer classic beauty for years to come.

York: What is important to you as a designer? 

Candice: My goal as a designer is to create beautiful personalized spaces that are at once current and on-trend yet timeless and soothing.  It’s that perfect design elixir that beckons you to not just look AT a space but truly enjoy and live well in it.

York: Tell us some of your wallpaper tricks of the trade.

Candice: Wallcoverings instantly bring style and drama to a space and here are a few of my favorite uses:

1. Every space needs a little of the unexpected. Bring in shimmering wall covering elements with pearl inks, glass beads, and reflective

mylar accents.

2. In open concept plans, a papered feature wall brings focus to the space.

3. It’s about giving your room something special. Wallpaper used as a focal point in a room brings personality to a space. Your friends

may not notice your state-of-the-art range… it’s the wallpaper everyone notices!

4. A wallpapered accent wall in a soft tonal contrast to the paint color creates a quietly dramatic effect.

Add Candice Olson’s wallpaper into your space. View her newest collection, Journey, available now.

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