How to Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Please read these instructions carefully before applying to a wall.


Inspect each roll for any possible print defect and make sure rolls have the same run/lot number for exact color matching prior to cutting and hanging.


Tape Measure · Level · Steel Ruler or Straight Edge · Razor Knife · Pencil · Plastic Smoother


For best results, clean, dry and smooth all surfaces. Product will not adhere to unclean or textured surfaces. Allow newly painted surfaces to fully cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before applying this peel & stick wallpaper.


hanging peel and stick wallpaper steps 

  1. Pre-cut strips to wall height, allow an extra inch or two on top and bottom for trimming. Make sure to align any design from strip to strip prior to cutting and hanging each strip. Cut and trim product with a sharp razor knife changing the blade often to help maintain a smooth clean cut. Number the back of each strip as you go to keep your design in the correct order.
  2. Beginning on the left side of your wall, measure out from the corner the width of the paper and mark the wall lightly with a pencil. Using your level, draw a straight line down. This is the guide for your 1st strip, and it is very important for it to be a straight, vertical line.
  3. Peel about 12” to 24” of the backing away from the top of the paper. Apply the paper to the top of the wall, allowing a bit of excess to overlap the ceiling which will be trimmed off later. Align the right side of the strip to your mark and lightly press the edge to the wall along the mark. You can reposition if needed to ensure a vertical seam.
  4. Working from top to bottom, pull the backing away as you evenly press the paper to the wall a few inches at a time. Be careful not to pull or stretch the material or the pattern will not align. For best results, have one person guide the paper at the top and along the seam, while another holds the opposite edge away from the wall until the seams are lined up.
  5. Using a plastic smoother, work your way down the strip in a back and forth motion, smoothing the material to the wall and pushing out any air bubbles (work them out from the center to the edge of the strip). Firm pressure must be applied to ensure air bubbles are removed and the wallpaper properly adheres to the wall. Note: If bubbles reappear, work them out by applying firm pressure with smoother.
  6. Trim excess material at ceiling and baseboard with a straight edge and sharp razor knife.
  7. Repeat procedure aligning your next strip to the right edge of your previous strip. Pro Tip: in some instances, and for some patterns, you may want to try over-lapping each strip ever so slightly (1/16th of an inch / 0.15 mm). Just make sure that the pattern aligns perfectly when doing so.


Peel & Stick Wallpaper is washable and can be cleaned using a mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth.


Start at the top corners gently pulling firmly, evenly and slowly downward, working parallel to the surface. Be careful not to over stretch the material. Do not allow the adhesive surfaces to make contact with each other as they are very difficult to separate without damaging.


Apply onto smooth and clean surfaces. Do NOT apply onto freshly painted or papered walls (let paint or wallpaper dry for at least 4 weeks). Do NOT apply to lacquered furniture. The fading of furniture exposed to sunlight is not related to the use of our product. May not work on heavily textured surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area before applying to wallpaper or other delicate surfaces. Keep decorations away from cribs and out of reach of young children to prevent choking hazard.