2022 Color of the Year

A phrase with history, which mean “a first look”, or “at a glance,” this choice for color of the year offers a first look at varietal pink selections now being used within the interiors industry incorporating a wide range of tints and tones.

Color of the year
Traditionally accepted as a nonaggressive hue, blush has quietly moved into focus as a cornerstone of contemporary interiors. Ranging from the breathtaking companion of earth tones to the shimmer of far distant galaxies, the rich luminescence and beauty of blush acts as both anchor and inspiration across all design style categories.  Here are some of the palette and theme choices in which blush is central to refresh, liven and renew.

 Natural: inspired by a desert evening

Hailed by science as the first color created by an organic source on planet earth, colors range from Pink Opal to Rose Quartz and Desert Sienna. This color compliments everything from the luxury of rich minerals and gemstones to earthen clay and adobe. 


 Retro: inspired by the cool cats of Mid-century Modern

Happy self-expression with a vintage vibe creates a blush with confidence to make the past our own and celebrate the future. Here, pinks punctuate and freshen in tints that are fun and familiar.


Spiritual: inspired by the lotus and meditations on a new age

Deeply connected with matters of the heart, blush deals in resolution and healing, dissipating stress, and relieving anxiety. Offering calm and serenity, while expressing hope for a future that is both inclusive and expansive, blush works as an uplifting element that reaches far beyond boundaries to envision tomorrow’s possibilities. 

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