Bathroom Makeover with Designer Natalie Reddell

Interior Designer extraordinaire, Natalie Reddell knows exactly how to take advantage of designing small spaces. A recent client bathroom restoration was quickly transformed into a luxury retreat with the use of a gorgeous floral wallpaper. Below, Natalie gives us the scoop on her experience - and don't miss out on the before and after shots! 
YW: What made you choose this design?
NR: I picked the Chinese Peony because chinoiserie is so timeless. The scale of the floral is perfect! It’s big enough to make a statement but doesn’t overwhelm the space.  I am, also, completely in love with this shade of blue!
YW: Have you ever worked with wallpaper before?

NR: I use wallpaper all of the time for my design projects & in my own home! It’s such an easy way to completely change an interior & personalize a space for my clients. It’s an especially great tool in rooms where you can’t use window treatments to add color & pattern. I love using it in a bathroom or small because you get such a great impact!


YW: What advice would you give to someone trying wallpaper?

NR: My best advice for using wallpaper is to not second guess yourself. If you love the wallpaper, you will love it even more when it’s installed! It’s so easy to order samples and you can tape or tack them up to the wall to help you visualize the finished room. Wallpaper has come such a long way and is so much easier to install and remove now. If you feel unsure about installing it yourself, I recommend finding a professional to help measure and hang the paper. The small investment in the front end is worth it in the long run. My interior design clients who are hesitant to try wallpaper in their homes, often state that the paper we install is their favorite part at the end of the project. So, if you’re curious about trying wallpaper, I encourage you to move forward! It’s an amazing tool for turning your house into your home!
The beauty of wallpaper is that it can help tell your story, and show guests a glimpse of your personality and style. Whether a living room, bedroom or bathroom; wallpaper is a great way to enhance the place that you call home.

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