Getting to know Carol Benson-Cobb

The Influences:
inspired by natural elements and landscapes

The high deserts of Arizona, where Benson-Cobb lived for many years, inspires an inclination towards soft abstraction and color in her signature style. The flow of subtle brushwork is often punctuated by a naturalistic focal point which evokes an emotional response. This permits the viewer to form a connection with the art which becomes part of their own, unique story.

The Work:
an abstract artist known for custom colorization

Benson-Cobb’s original art business evolved into a focus on the interior design industry with a savvy, non-traditional twist for customized color. This formula led to the launch of her own signature eponymous collection of exclusive gallery-quality paintings in 2012. Most recently, her artwork has been featured in luxury showrooms, celebrity homes, and television. Carol Benson-Cobb furnishings, textiles, accessories, and wallcoverings are now offered through exclusive partnerships and programs.

The Artist:
entrepreneurial spirit

Self-taught, Benson-Cobb began her career at 15, painting rock star portraits for school friends. She quickly learned that what she loved most was designing and painting fine art for a specific space or project. Her work brings modern abstracts to life in a way which communicates a warm, natural beauty with a feeling that comes from the interplay and layering of color. Today, Benson-Cobb also provides custom collections through luxury designers and retailers from her private Dallas showroom.


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