Modern Accent Walls That Will Leave You Speechless

Clean lines, smooth surfaces, right angles...all indicative of true modern interior design and with a modern accent wall using wallpaper, you'll easily breath new life into your space. Check out these modern accent walls that make a genuine statement!

With These softer colors in such a recognizable pattern scheme Missoni Home supports modern style effortlessly. Monochromed hues married with a horizontal design called Riga Sfumata are symbolic of Missoni's everlasting design.


Wallpaper Pattern: Riga Sfumata Wallpaper from Missoni


Bold geometrics and colors with clean cut lines are all typical features of Mid Century Modern design. Dimension through large graphics helps define a space and make a room appear larger. With a Ribbon Wallpaper pattern, deeper hues are mixed in with contrasting metallics that compliment a mid century modern console.


Wallpaper Pattern: Ribbon Wallpaper from York


A Living Wall is a new and popular trend in home decor whether inside or outside. Think outside and bring the garden INSIDE for a fresh perspective on wall decor. Discover how this nice alternative to standard wall art can your bring your walls the life it deserves.

Living wall

Wallpaper Pattern: Living Wall from RoomMates


Take on modern decor with a scenic mural. This enchanting panoramic mountain wallpaper mural called Wanderlust, instantly turns your wall into the frame.


Wallpaper Pattern: Wanderlust Wall Mural from York

Finding balance while thoughtfully displaying decor that speaks to your personality is what interior design is all about. Using a modern accent wall is a fantastic way to communicate your personality, so why not pay special attention to one wall and let it be the backdrop to your entire space? Head over to for more wallpaper inspiration.


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