Nature Inspired Wallpaper Designs That Are Perfect For Spring

The trend full of fresh botanicals and nature inspired wallpaper is flourishing. If a bright pop of color and earthy natural designs are in your decorating lineup consider wallpaper designs these easy to install, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love.

Live Amongst the Tropics     

From tropical leaves, to insects and florals; we're embracing styles within our decor aesthetic that are representative of bold botanicals. These prints are perfect to add all over your walls or even just as an accent wall, plus they'll give you an unexpected twist on the traditional floral wallpaper we’re all used to seeing.


Patter: Tropical Butterflies (ON1600)


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Wow your guests upon arrival with a striking natural patterned wallpaper like Hydrangea Bloom. Embrace nature and bring the outdoors inside with this lush bouquet of florals along your wall and watch how it will instantly create a serene getaway experience. This is a true guest pleaser!


Pattern: Hydrangea Bloom


Fantastic Ferns

Silhouettes of soft, feather-like ferns take walls to new heights with a charming detailed flocking texture. Sophistication becomes elevated while still maintaining a natural and free-flowing vibe. Forest Fern by the Magnolia Home Vol. 2 collection takes a common plant and makes it a prominent design feature in your home.

forest fern

Pattern: Forest Fern Wallpaper from Magnolia Home Vol. 2

These wallpaper designs prove their staying power with vibrancy and sophistication. Indulge your nature-inspired personality with more wallpapers and create a space that’ll become your favorite room in the house. 


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