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With the demands for property on the rise, and prices going with them, it’s time to refresh, revive and renovate to love the space you’re in. According to Forbes magazine, home renovation rose 55% in 2021, renovation budgets were up 3% from last year, and the use of interiors industry professionals is increasing. * Home has rapidly become an intelligent investment opportunity. Here are some suggestions on building value and learning to love your current space.
Remote Jobs are here to stay. Now more than ever, making underutilized spaces the focus for renovation provides long-term comfort and a future return on investment. Permanent screen envy for the best of remote office space can be as easy as adding natural grasscloth. Whether you enclose space, define space, or finish unused areas, you’ve just added value; congrats!

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See renovation as an opportunity to showcase your personal story. Feel joy and serenity through the psychology of calm space in uncertain times. Mural themes, wallcoverings, case goods, and color should become an extension of self, wrapping you in a sense of well-being.

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Go with the flow and use coordinating wallpapers and fabrics to tie rooms together. It's time to re-invent the fine art of room-to-room decor. Using similar color palettes, finishes, style types, and coordinates to keep the space coherent, calming to the eye, and sophisticated.

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Decisions, decisions: do your research. Here’s our quick reference guide on York wallpapers.

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Professional services are available to help you set your plans in motion and bring it all together.


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