Seasonal Decorating Trends for 2021

This Holiday Season, Keep It Soft and Sparkling!
K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Santa!)

This year’s return to traditional elegance of décor inspires a desire to bring subtle sparkle to well appointed rooms with the use of clean lines and subtle shimmer. Use natural accents gilded in burnished metallics and modern, reflective seasonal pieces as counterpoint to classic patterns updated with contemporary color.

Photo courtesy of Ballard Décor
Opposites Attract

Fashionable pastel palettes are reflected in seasonal ornaments this year for a softer shine. But the best power punch to accent gentle holiday décor is with a bold burst of ever popular black and white. Add an energetic stripe, or pair with pillows and accents in back and white to energize the space and liven the mood.


It’s Only Natural
Evergreen in its popularity, the dignity and simplicity of organic holiday design cannot be overstated. With wooden surfaces, grass cloth and edible hangings, this project-based eclectically earthy style is offset to best advantage by the blush of warm candlelight, luminous lanterns, and the embers of a glowing fireplace.


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