Top Trends for 2022

Black and White: Marvelous Monochrome

THE STRONGEST of color contrasts, black and white is an equally bold and balanced monochrome palette that creates a statement-making color story to define any style theme as an instant classic. Transcending all design categories, black and white translates into Asian, Traditional, Mid-century, Rural, Coastal, and Contemporary themes.

This classic combo easily takes on the challenge of bringing subdued pastels and neutrals a bold punch of power; needing the vivacity and comfort of its familiarity to charm and freshen. Black and white also defers to achromatic greys and creams to enhance a vintage mix with antiques, tea-stained linens, and weathered prints used to greatest effect with Bohemian and Grandmillennial interiors.
How to dress space with black and white:
  • Blend black and white textural prints with classic linen to freshen and elevate the mix.
  • Use black and white in pillows and accessories to calm bold colors.
  • Use back and white in pillows and accessories to enliven neutral and linen colors.
  • Install white or cream textural wallcoverings and surround window frames in black as an anchor for any color palette.

Vintage Vanguard: Adaptable Antiques


THE INCORPORATION of antiques and vintage-inspired layers within home space continues at the forefront of interior trends for 2022 for reasons as unique as the curations themselves. Bringing with them the hallmarks of classic design, antique pieces, and family heirlooms provide a bridge between the past without compromise to a fresh, personal approach to decor. Comforting and cozy, they provide the solace of the familiar in a time of ongoing economic and social uncertainty.

With a thoughtful approach to detail, the graceful lines and craftsmanship behind vintage decorative arts can be echoed in today’s interiors by their inclusion. The stories told by those who love and collect them allow for us to love and embrace them as both old and new.

Thing to know when buying vintage:

  • Streamline and curate collections to achieve better balance and less clutter.
  • Use vintage materials or furnishings in a mix with modern pieces to keep lines clean and focus attention on special pieces or fabrics.
  • Tell the story of your family and your life visually using the heirlooms and styles you love most.
  • The only rule is there are no rules, so embrace the unexpected.


Japandi: Minimal and Modern



SURPRISINGLY, Scandinavian and modern Japanese décor have much in common; minimalist principles, natural material, and simple lines, just to name a few. Yes, colors differ. And a mix between the stark lines of Japanese architecture, combined with a touch of Scandinavian hygge in velvet or earth tone leather, becomes the Japandi style. Natural elements, texture, and sunlight all help to create spaces that feel warm and lived in without an austere edge.

Blend the concept of “hygge”, or cozy comfort, with “wabi-sabi” or the beauty of imperfection, and you have Japandi at its finest. Biophilic design, or the belief that natural organisms seek out and flourish best when in close contact with other organic forms, happens here. By blending naturals and neutrals, this form of livable, contemporary style is as inviting as it is avant-garde.

Keys to remember when taking on Japandi:

  • Remember, placements and furnishings are not spare, they are intentional.
  • Natural elements support sustainability and are a fit for eco-friendly enthusiasts.
  • Think texture to create depth and nuanced décor amongst a field of neutrals.
  • Real plants help bring the outdoors in for an earth-based environment.

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