Maximalist Florals

The promise of spring brings with it the joy of reemergence. What better symbol of new beginnings and playful creativity is there than the familiar, yet breathtaking beauty of florals? With their seat at the crossroads of traditional, biophilic design, and cottage core, they act as a perfect layering partner for rich color and personality, anchoring several interior styles for 2022. Here are a few options for consideration.

Palace Gardens
The form is formal, with a desire to contain and structure the beauty of natural surroundings. Here the garden pathway, arbor, trellis, and pergola bring architectural structure to natural beauty, pairing geometric shapes and organics in perfect balance.

Pattern Luxembourg PSW1326RL     
 Wildflowers and Windswept Coastlines
The term wildflower is defined as any flower that is direct from nature without the intervention of man.  These are the blooming blanket of a meadow, or the wild grasses along the Mediterranean coast, turning towards the bright sunshine, unbridled in their simple beauty.

 Eden Retreat MN1842    


The Heritage of Arts & Crafts

Known for their use of natural inspirations, fine craftsmanship and superior quality, the founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement transported the world from the industrial revolution to the concepts of modern design. Greats such as William Morris, Gustav Stickley and C.F.A. Voysey bring us graphic versions of the floral as a romantic vision.


  Eden Retreat MN1842   

How does your garden grow?






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